ProTAACS Refrigerated Vehicle Monitoring Kit

Multiple Floor Monitoring Bundle 1 (3 Floors)

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Brands ProTAACS
Product Code: Bundle 1 - Multiple Floor Monitoring
Availability: Pre-Order


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Includes everything you need to get started is included with the following starter kit, which uses a Ethernet gateway for sensor communication with the online monitoring system.

Recommended for server room with the following specification :

  • Room size 16m square
  • 1-2 Server Racks
  • Dry Contact for Integrating door sensor or smoke sensor

Content of Small Server Room Starter Bundle :

  • 1 x Ethernet Gateway without PoE Support
  • 3 x AA Battery Temperature Sensor
  • 3 x AA Battery Dry Contact Sensor
  • 1 x AA Water Rope (10 Feet) Sensor (Water Leakage Sensor)
  • Range Extender for 2nd and 3rd Floor

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