Industrial Sensor
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ProTAACS Industrial Wireless RF Water Detection Sensor

ProTAACS wireless RF water sensors alert you via SMS text and/or email when there is water detected,..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Industrial Humidity Sensor

The RF Humidity (RH) Sensor allows you to accurately monitor the relative humidity of the air within..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Industrial Compass Sensor

ProTAACS RF compass sensors use a highly sensitive 3 axis digital compass to return the orientation ..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Industrial Magnet Detection Sensor

ProTAACS RF magnet detection sensors can be used to detect the presence of a magnetic source. Place ..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Industrial Pressure Meters

ProTAACS Wireless RF pressure meters measure pressure from a 5 volt pressure transducer and transmit..

ProTAACS Industrial Wireless RF Quad Temperature Sensor

ProTAACS industrial wireless RF quad temperature sensor uses four individual sensor probes to meas..
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