ProTAACS Wireless Dry Contact - Coincell Battery Powered


ProTAACS Wireless Asset Sensor - Coincell Battery Powered

ProTAACS Wireless Asset Sensor - AA Battery Powered

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Product Code: AST-PWS
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The wireless asset sensor can be attached to an asset or object and outputs an RF signal at set intervals to be received by the gateway and monitoring system. The sensor can be used to determine if an asset is removed from the premises and send notifications via SMS text, email or voice call to alert the user.

The standard version of this sensor is powered by two replaceable 1.5 V AA sized batteries (included with purchase). This sensor is also available with a line power option. The line powered version of this sensor has a barrel power connector allowing it to be powered by a standard 3.0 - 3.6 V power supply (Included with Line Power option upgrade). The line powered version also uses two standard 1.5 V AA batteries as backup for uninterrupted operation in the event of line power outage.

Power options must be selected at time of purchase, as the internal hardware of the sensor must be changed to support the selected power requirements.

Product Features

  • Manage and monitor assets.
  • Know when things have been removed from premises

* Actual range may vary depending on environment.
** Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.

What does this wireless sensor's data look like in software?

What's in the box?

  • Wireless Sensor
  • 2 x AA Battery
  • Mounting Hardware

Suggested Application Uses for This Sensor

  • Construction asset monitoring
  • Monitor rental tools
  • Tell if fleet vehicles are on premesis
  • Tell if school buses are on premesis
  • Asset monitoring

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