ProTAACS wireless sensors will alert store owners in real-time when problems occur, preventing unnecessary damages. Use temperature sensors to help your business maintain proper conditions in coolers, heating, and air conditioning systems. ProTAACS also provides security-enhancing sensors which give owners peace of mind knowing stores will always be protected.


Prevent Unnecessary Damage

Receive real time alerts via SMS text,

email, or voice call if your store is in danger.

Save Time and Resources

Automated system tracks monitors

your business for you. No more manual checking!

Protect Your Reputation

There is nothing more valuable

than your reputation - make sure it's protected.

Regulatory Compliance

Tracking cooler temperatures can help you

achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Wireless Freedom

250' - 300' wireless range, which can easily be

expanded with a wireless repeater.

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

Monitor your store 24/7 via the internet.

Android and iOS apps are available, free of charge.

* ProTAACS wireless sensors track temperatures and other environmental variables. Customer is responsible for understanding regulations specific to their business and determining if ProTAACS solutions meet their needs.´╗┐

ProTAACS Solutions for Convenience Stores
  • Monitor the temperatures of your coolers and HVAC system
  • Enhance security by monitoring motion near entrances, and more
  • Get alerted if a cooler or freezer door is left open
  • Monitor which gas pumps have vehicles or not
  • Install a button to alert managers when staff needs assistance

How ProTAACS Works