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ProTAACS RF Temperature Buffer - Glass Bead Vial

This glass bead filled plastic vial will buffer any momentary fluctuations in temperatures that may ..

ProTAACS Serial RF MODBUS USB Programmer

Serial RF MODBUS Gateway Configuration Utility with RS485 to USB Converter allows you to connect t..

ProTAACS Thermostat

ProTAACS's smart thermostat is different than typical thermostats found today, as it is designed spe..

ProTAACS Water Detect Wire End

The water detect wire end can be added to any ProTAACS wireless water detection sensor, providing a ..

ProTAACS Water Rope Extension

10 foot water detection rope extension. Detection rope can be expanded up to 100 feet by simply clic..

ProTAACS Wi-Fi Sensor Programming Cable

The ProTAACS Wi-Fi programming cable allows you to connect your PoWi sensors to your PC via USB conn..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Control

ProTAACS Wireless Control allows a user to control two separate power relays, all through the iProTA..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Local Alert

The Local Alert provides an additional way to receive critical notifications and sensor readings thr..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Range Extender

ProTAACS wireless range extenders allow you to extend the coverage area of your wireless sensor ne..

ProTAACS Wireless RF Serial Data Bridge

ProTAACS's new Wireless Serial Data Bridge is a bidirectional serial to radio device capable of tran..
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