ProTAACS Wireless RF Voltage Meter 0-500 VAC/VDC - Coincell Battery Powered

ProTAACS Wireless RF Duct Temperature Sensor with Probe - Coincell Battery Powered

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The Wireless Duct Temperature Sensor uses an NTC thermistor with 8 ft. lead wires to accurately measure temperatures in duct work, while maintaining a sealed environment.

  • 8 ft. UL listed plenum cable
  • Probe temperature range of -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F)
  • Increased accuracy by user calibration to ± 0.25°C (± 0.45°F)
  • Accurate to ± 1° C (± 1.8°F)

Free iProTAAC basic online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system to configure sensors, view data and set alerts via SMS text and email.

Principal Of Operation

The ProTAAC Wireless Duct Temperature Sensor outputs the ambient temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. It is programmed to sleep for a user-given time interval (heartbeat) and then wakeup, send power to the temperature probe, wait for temperature to stabilize, then transmit the temperature data to the gateway. To stay within the abilities of the processor, the temperature is computed off a data table provided by the manufacturer. To reduce error, a variable resistor configuration is implemented over specified temperature ranges.

Example Applications

  • Air Duct Temperature Monitoring
  • Coolers & Freezers
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Data Center Monitoring
  • HVAC Operation & Testing
  • Smart Machines & Smart Structures

And many more...

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