ProTAACS Wireless RF Humidity Sensor – Coincell Battery Powered

The Wireless Humidity (RH) Sensor allows you to accurately monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure.

The Wireless Humidity (RH) Sensor measures the relative humidity at the device. The sensor returns RH and temperature values to the Online Sensor Monitoring and Notification System. The system calculates dew point from the data and stores all three data points in the online system where the data can be reviewed and exported as a data sheet or graph. Notifications can be set up through the online system to alert the user when defined thresholds have been met or exceeded.

Example Applications

  • Greenhouse humidity monitoring
  • Agriculture environmental monitoring
  • Art gallery and museum environmental monitoring
  • Humidor monitoring
  • General weather
  • and environmental monitoring

And many more..

Humidity Operating Range.

The sensor works stable within recommended Normal Range – see Figure 4 on first page. Long term exposure to conditions outside Normal Range, especially at humidity >80%RH, may temporarily offset the RH signal (+3%RH after 60h). After return into the Normal Range it will slowly return towards calibration state by itself. Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may accelerate aging.Humidity Operating Range

Commercial Grade Sensors

Commercial grade sensors are designed for applications in ordinary environments (normal room temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure). Do not use these sensors under the following conditions as these factors can deteriorate the product characteristics and cause failures and burn-out.

  • Corrosive gas or deoxidizing gas – chlorine gas, hydrogen sulfide gas, ammonia gas, sulfuric acid gas, nitric oxides gas, etc.)
  • Volatile or flammable gas
  • Dusty conditions
  • Under low or high pressure
  • Wet or excessively humid locations
  • Places with salt water, oils chemical liquids or organic solvents
  • Where there are excessively strong vibrations
  • Other places where similar hazardous conditions exist

Use these products within the specified temperature range. Higher temperature may cause deterioration of the characteristics or the material quality.

Humidity Sensor Data Log

Humidity Sensor Chart