RF USB Gateway

The ProTAACSLink™ USB Pro gateway allows your ProTAACS Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iProTAACS™ online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system or ProTAACS Express™ standalone PC software. If the PC has an active internet connection and you wish to use it with the iProTAACS online software, install the ProTAACS Gateway application to pass sensor data to the online system. Simply plug the device into an available USB port on a Microsoft Windows PC. The ProTAACSLink USB Pro Gateway also allows for integration with other online communication devices.

  • Supports up to 100 Sensors per USB Wireless Gateway
  • Uses standard FTDI driver so no driver installation required
  • External USB cable allows gateway to be positioned for improved communication range
  • USB powered, optional RS232 or external power options.
  • Internal memory stores messages if Internet connection is disrupted
  • USB Pro Gateway
  • USB Cable