3G Gateway

The ProTAACS Mobile 3G Cellular Gateway is based on a 3G (UMTS/GSM) wireless engine and comes integrated with ProTAACS’s wireless RF access point network (WAN) for use with all ProTAACS wireless RF sensors. (User is responsible for setting up data plan with a compatible wireless carrier.)

The International 3G Cellular Gateway also features a backup battery that allows the device to continue operating for up to 24 hours in the event of a power failure, ensuring that your sensors are able to communicate with the monitoring software.

  • True plug & play, no hassles for internet configuration set-up
  • No PC required for operation
  • Low-cost cellular service packages
  • Remote software upgrade capability
  • Local status LEDs with transmission and online status indicators
  • 50,000 sensor message memory
  • Watchdog function and on-line heart-beat control
  • AC power supply



This cellular gateway does not come activated on any cellular network. User is responsible for purchasing SIM card (Mini-SIM 2FF) and activating on their preferred network.

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  • Wireless RF Sensor Network Antenna
  • Cellular Network Antenna
  • Cellular Gateway
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