LTS X-SERIES Wireless RF Temperature Sensor – AA Battery

LTS X-SERIES Wireless RF Temperature Sensor – AA Battery

Use LTS X-SERIES by ProTAACS Temperature Monitoring Solutions—with Standard, High, Low, Duct, and Digital Temperature Sensors—anywhere changes will degrade performance, assets, or safety. If temps rise or fall, get an alert via email, text, or call to step in and protect your business

Benefit from:

  • Automated data logging—ideal in pharma, datacenter, server room, food service & production
  • Optional 25-month NIST Certification—this option helps ensure regulatory compliance
  • Plug and play simplicity—install within 15 minutes

Remotely Monitor Your Environment Temperature

People count on ProTAACS Sensors to monitor temperatures in food storage and services, facilities, vaccine fridges, HVAC systems, water, and more. Artisans use the same sensors deployed by global enterprises to protect mission-critical data centers to monitor curing salami.

ProTAACS offers its Wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Temperature Sensors in commercial, enterprise, and industrial models spanning from -200°C to +162°C (-328°F to +325°F) to -50°C to +370°C (-58°F to +700°F). Custom ProTAACS Temp Sensors are also available.

Common (and not-so-common) temperature sensor uses include:

  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Logistics & warehouses
  • Cold storage in food service or health care
  • Greenhouses and Grow Houses
  • Data center and server room monitoring
  • K-9 units
  • Morgues & mortuaries
  • Bedbug remediation
  • HVAC system performance
  • Swimming pool and hot tub monitoring



  • 1200 Feet Range
  • Up To 12 Years Of Battery Life
  • Automated Data Loggin


  • Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
  • Dependable, Worry-free Operation
  • Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis